Tripadvisor’s “Negative Reviews Disappearing Trick”

It’s actually quite incredible!
THERE ARE (have been) other negative reviews of the Reefview-Apartments and Cottages in Antigua, owned and operated by the despicable Carole (aka: Kalipso Karoll) Williams and her “lady-guest-undies-sniffing-husband” Nick Williams…..
Tripadvisor first did hide them fairly well among all the glowing reviews – and after I started poking around (and telling them! that I was going after them too!) – they suddenly started not only to disappear from the “general Google search results” but you could no longer find them, even if you did search specifically for them!
Now that is amazing!
Because in other words it means: Tripadvisor KNOWS EXACLY that they are cheating and misleading and basically defrauding the audience relying on the information published by Tripadvisor, Homeaway, VRBO and the whole lot huddling together under that appalling umbrella!

It also means, that Google is protecting one of their major advertisors by having removed said Reviews from the search results!
Now, that does tell us, that we really have no other value to these companies but shove our hard earned money in their direction. (No more “googling” for me, thats for sure!)

At least 3 of these postings I was able to “salvage”, make screenshots of, prior to them vanishing for good. But, once again, see for yourself!

And if you don’t believe me, try to “google” for one of these yourself:
“Reefview Apartments Antigua” and add i.e. the one word from one of the reviews “Disappointing” to your search quarry. Should give you that very review as a top-result, right? Well, see for yourself: It is not being returned with the results at all!

Tripadvisor hiding negative reviews from their audience(Click the image of this screenshot for the full version)
…but here is the actual text for more easy reading:
“Disappointing stay at Reefview Apartments”

Beach Loft and surroundings:
• Rustic
• Basic
• No door on bathroom which is adjacent to the kitchen
• Steep ladder up to loft with strange stair configuration (dangerous & tough to get luggage up and down)
• Were there for 10 days and did not have sheets changed
• Had to ask for clean towels
• Could not use patio in the evening as there were too many bugs. We were eaten alive the first night we arrived!
• Strange sewage smell in patio area
• Dogs relieved themselves in the patio which we cleaned up. We did encourage the dogs to visit but as dog owners we know that they can be trained to “go “ in one spot and this should have been the owner’s backyard not ours!
• There was a rooster in a pen right under the bedroom window so if you like to sleep past 5:00AM while on holidays you can forget about it! It was awful listening to him scream!
• Although the area around the apartments is very tropical it is not at all manicured and in fact quite wild and messy.
• Owner’s unit had lots of stuff visibly thrown here and there…no pride of ownership there!
• Parking is ridiculous. On a rough, dirty side street beside the complex with not much room to maneuver.
• Had to fight with gate upon entering/exiting complex with arms full of beach towels etc.
Owners and excursions etc:
• Snorkelling trip pricey at $85.00 per hour with a three hour minimum
• Saw a lot of marine life which was awesome but the snorkeling was a bit too aggressive and therefore not a relaxing experience

On the last day, just as we were leaving, the owners came in, opened the fridge and accused us of breaking it and were demanding that we pay for the repair. We DID NOT break their fridge but they insisted that it was not broken before we arrived. We felt like we were being set up. Karoll then said that on one of the night s that we came back a little “cheery” we might have broken the fridge and not realized it. The depate carried on for what seemed to be an eternity! To now be accused of being liars AND drunks! I was so angry, I left the apartment and went to sit in the car. Karoll came out a while later with my husband and in her annoyingly sweet passive aggressive voice told us that they waived the charge for the fridge.
We had to check out at 10:30 even though our flight wasn’t until 5:00 and the new folks weren’t arriving until much later in the day. We spent the day at the beach, went to Jolly Harbor to shower and change. Just were hopping back in the car to go to the airport when Karoll came careening into the parking lot and parked her car in front of ours. She hopped out and said that with all of the goings on regarding the fridge she had forgotten to bill us for the snorkeling. She came armed with proof that we had gone. We had never denied going and paid her immediately. As she was walking back to her car she back tracked, stroked my arm and again in that sickening sweet voice of hers said “oh, I’m also missing a silk cushion, but that’s alright love, do enjoy it” I was livid! Now we are perceived liars, drunks and thieves!!! It was appalling! She was driving off when we got her attention, she stopped, we suggested that she search our vehicle for the cushion at which point she said that we must have taken it to the beach and left it there!!! We were being goaded and harassed in a very public, touristy area which was very unprofessional of her given that she had her Reefview sign clearly displayed on her car.
In closing, this was one of the worst holiday experiences we have ever had and I would caution anyone from vacationing at the Reefview. I am shocked at all of the glowing reports. She had two books which she kept hounding us to fill in and I do know that Karoll filled in for those who didn’t bother with glowing reports. When I said that I felt compelled to post a negative report on TripAdvisor, she said :go ahead, I will retaliate”
We went out of our way to purchase and bring the little incidentals which she requests in her emails. She offered to compensate us but we declined. When things were starting to head south, I did mention to her that we bought things to them in good faith and now they were treating us like criminals and she said that “yes’ she too was surprised as we seemed to come across as decent people in the beginning. Newsflash Karoll, we are still decent folk….I do however question the integrity of both you & Nick.
Advice: Pay a little more, the Oceanview apts. looked beautiful,and experience the lovely island of Antigua without the stress of Karoll & NicK!.

Now, there you have a review of that “Psycho-Place” that is totally plausible, but of course it is one Tripadvisor does not want you to read, because if you read it, you might change your mind, book your accomodation elsewhere and the Tripadvisor-Homeaway-VRBO Mafia might not make some money on you? No-no-no! This must not happen! 🙂

Does someone at Tripadvisor have a “hard on” on Carole or Nick?
Nope, I don’t think so.
It’s just basic “Company Policy” at Tripadvisor.
The credo being, to lull the world wide audience into believing that traveling always is just getting to see a glimpse of paradise.
Tripadvisor wants to shove the rose-colored glasses onto your nose because if you’d exercise good and solid common sense, if you’d give the fact a second thought that traveling even in the third Millenium is an adventerous undertaking and things can go wrong . and do go wrong .  you might actually think(!) once too often and maybe rather stay at home and enjoy your next vacation in your own backyard. And if too many people would start to use their brains again, than THAT would be a desaster to Busines-Plan and Concept of the VRBO – Homeaway and Tripadvisor Mafia.

This was an exception?
Hmm, I don’t think so!
Here is another one, and the author of that (again: very plausible!) review even mentions in her initial sentence that even her negative review did “disppear” “mysteriously”….
You know what they say:
“Once – might be a coincidence,…. Twice – starts to be a pattern…..”
(And with Tripadvisor we have a lot more often than just “twice”…)

Honest Reviews are being methodically suppressed by Tripadvisor to lull their audience into believing that traveling always is nothing but paradise
Another honest review of the Reefview Apartments in Antigua, sucessfully suppressed by Tripadvisor!

Again: Just click in the image and you can see it in full resolution in a new window – or just read the text which I am repeating in the following:
“Bizarre and awful experience”

My original, lengthy post about our misadventures disappeared mysteriously. The gist of it is that my girlfriend and I were looking forward to a trip to Reefview, but got turned off by some of Karoll’s strange behavior and decided to stay somewhere else on the island (losing out on our $300 deposit, which Karoll refused to return).

Karroll had some strange requests, such as that we buy and bring her a scuba magazine and a hair dryer (without explaining why she needed them our couldn’t get them there), e-mail her photos of us (again, without explanation), pay her the balance in cash upon arrival (she sent us excessively frequent e-mails to remind us that she won’t take traveler’s checks, bank checks, or other cash equivalents), and put down a large deposit when we checked in. She also proposed some strange ideas for activities, such as going snorkeling or… getting married during our stay. We also noticed that the name she used was different than on the bank check we sent her as our deposit to hold the reservation. When that raised our suspicions — including that two, potentially strange people we haven’t met would pick us and our cash up at the airport in a foreign country — I talked to the Chamber of Commerce and the tourism authority, which had never heard of Karoll or Reefview. In addition, she doesn’t belong to a hotel association and does not take credit or debit cards (which would have provided us with certain protections like travel assistance and guarantees against theft, fraud, etc.). She told us that people wire money to her offshore bank account months in advance of their stay, which I find hard to believe.

What turned us off, however, wasn’t necessarily those events (we asked her for a reference on the island who could tell us that their place exists and that we’d be safe and comfortable with them, and we would have been happy with those assurances), but how she reacted to hearing our concerns. She was very sarcastic and belittling on the phone. And in subsequent e-mails, she wore her Tripadvisor rating on her sleeve (how could we question an establishment with such a rating?!?), called us eccentric, and blamed our concerns on coming from the First World. The most incredible part is that she felt that by asking for a reference (which we felt was reasonable in light of the above, especially how nicely we phrased the request), we called her reputation into question as an upstanding hotelier — which is ironic, since that’s obviously not how an upstanding hotelier would react.

Karoll came off just as strange as the other people who have submitted reviews have found, and we felt in the end that our experience stressed us out and that we didn’t want to risk spending a week with her or her partner. Finally, a lot of other people have commented that she was very helpful to them — I’d just point out that we learned that a lot of people who run these sorts of places get commissions from booking activities (because of which, they’re all helpful with whatever you need!).

Stayed January 2010, travelled as a couple

Carole Williams playing “games” with the security deposit she collects?
Nohhh! No Way! …right? This was an exception?
…..well, not really, just see another guests review (which we also have rescuded prior to it disappearing for good) 🙂

More about this scheme you can read at:
More about this scheme you can read at:

And againyou can either click the image of the scrennshot or read the text in the following:
Be aware Reefview Apartments Cades Bay Antigua rip off
Nov 24, 2007, 8:31 AM

Dear friends travelers,

Please be aware of staying at the Reefview Apatments in Cades Bay. We had pay all our stay in advance via wire transfer.

They ask for a $400 US cash upon arrival *security deposit for used furniture without any value just the day before we left for our vacation, had to run to the bank to get cash. We have been to many B&B, guest houses, rental homes and hotel and were never ask such a large amount.

There tactic is to ripped you off just before getting home on your departure day. The reason why Karoll (real estate agent) and Nick (the sailor) ask for such a security deposit is that they will take what ever they want in it the morning you leave and leave the rest at your doorstep while your sleeping and runaway the next morning without settling the transaction in person and saying goodbye! Very rude people only interested in selling there various excursions at ridiculous prices and making you feel bad when you prefer to go your own way.

Other then these 2 people (brit origins) the ANtiguan people seems very niceand there’s beautiful beaches on the island and sunshine all week long.

Also, the noise is awful in that area (dogs, donkeys, community hall next door with many parties, beach near buy, not much of sand to lay down and probably would brake the kayak that they offer to rent you with a $800 fee if you break it…)

to avoid:

reefviewapartments. com
And added by me: TO CHECK OUT FIRST:

“Once” – might be a coincidence
“Twice” – constitutes a possible pattern
“Three times” – makes it a system
……and the occasions at which we can prove(!) that Tripadvisor did either suppress negative Reviews or simply hid them somewhere very far back in their system, making sure NOT to crosslink those over and over again are plenty!

In other words:

TRIPADVISOR (and all of the other faces of that homeaway conglomerate) ARE WILLINGLY AND KNOWLINGLY DECEIVING AND DEFRAUDING YOU!

Don’t you aggree it would be about time not only to shut down these small-time crooks at Reefview Apartments but maybe even more so Tripadvisor?
Get a judgement against them that will either put them out of business (no loss there!) or at least reconsider their policy and publish verfied evidence about a bad place whether they like it or not…. wether its “bad” for “THEIR!” business or not…. ?!