Tripadvisor-VRBO-Homeaway-and the rest of that criminal network

While AirBNB is constantly being covered by (and bitched on) the international media – another monster has reared it’s ugly head and quietly and secretly has taken the entire travel-industry hostage:
A mother with the charming and trust-invoking name of “Homeaway” with a lot of children born and spread all over the internet, crosslinked and interconnected with nothing but one purpose in mind: To trick you(!) into believing that you find “independent information” when searching for your next vacation or business-trip.

It is everything but “independent”!
It is a “mafia-like” structure that suppresses real information, tricks and lures you into their network and is making tons of money….. YOUR money! …. while giving you: NOTHING in return except for misinformation, misrepresentation, doctored with “information” etc. all the way to plain lies!
Not too long ago, any organization operating in a similar way would have been the immediate subject of intense criminal investigation by the authorities…. but in the days and age of the internet, with us allowing them to trick us like that…. it is up to us(!) to STOP THEM!

(BTW: I also don’t think too much about AirBNB, but for different reasons, see the page about AirBNB on this site)
But lets get back to “Homeway” and and their main evil product “Tripadvisor”

Positive reviews are being published accross all platforms and with heavy cross-linking thus tricking the algorythms of search engines like google into thinking all of that to be independent content – which of course it is not ….and, forthermore, with this heavy artillery of websites they literally have taken the travel-industry hostage, leaving also honest members of the hospitality industry no choice but to advertise with them.

Because: Negative reviews, if published at all that is, are being “hidden” and restricted to the national sites they originally have been published to making sure that YOU will NOT find them!

Just accusations? Just claims? No prove for any of this?
Well, (a) you can get prove easy enough by i.e simply “googling” the “Antigua-Horro-Psycho-Hotel / Apartments” aka search simply for Reefview Apartments Antigua and all you will get for the first 5 or so result-pages are either tripadvisor-(fake)-praises for the place or some of websites directly associated with Tripadvisor / Homeaway and/or “ads” placed there and paid for by Tripadvisor.
and (b) you will find that sites like that one simply wont pop up in your result-list! ….and blogspot is a platform owned and operated by google themselves…. but of course as a “free-service” – and ad’s and clients who pay for google’s “services” obviously always enjoy preference….

An mind you: I FIRST did inform Tripadvisor about the evidence collected and I DID write an appropriate review…. but Tripadvisor cencored the review and told me that it was “irrelevant(?!) to fellow traveler’s decisions whether or not to go there”….
With all due respect: W.T.F.???

And Google? It is up to us travelers to tell them STOP! – but even more so to tell google to rewrite their algorythms not to let “homeaway” trick them (even so Google is making lots of money on them anyway, because set aside their tricking google into basically displaying nothing but Tripadvisor Search Results, they also heavily advertise with google – so I guess unless we tell google that we don’t like to be tricked and abused by Tripadivsor, they will see little reason to changing these algorythms.)

But if you search for information – do you really want to get information only from ONE source?
…and that, my dear fellow travelers, is the current situation…..

VRBO, Homelidays OwnersDirect Abritel AlugueTemporada FeWo-direkt Toprural bookabach stayz travelmob and at the heart of it all
Tripadvisor and Homeaway including of course also there:
…..and…..and…..and…..and…..and…..and…..and…. (etc.)

Plus of course at the heart of it all: + all national domains successfuly pretending to deliver “real life experiences” of other fellow travelers to your computer screen at home.
That, of course, at some times might do the trick (so actually it is us fools! who are helping Tripadvisor raking in tons of money, in return for “badges of achievement” …. which really is quite like the early settlers of the USofA buying huge trackts of land off the Natives in return for some worthless glass-beads) ….and I admit, I also have been one of their “senior contributors”…..
…..but if the abusing of us does not do the trick, they simply resort to suppressing information, manufactoring “praising reviews” (or to tolerating them)

…and they dont tell you upfront that they also own
flipkey (with all the national domains)
others like Travelpod pretending to be “independent”!