Topping it off: The ultimate “Killer-Lie” of Reefview Apartments Antigua

As I did show in the previous pages of this chapter, Nick and Carole Williams (also going by the names “Kalipso Karoll” and “Carole Lawrence” or “Carol Lawrence-William” …. I wonder what they are hiding from to obviously not using their real names?) do not feel too obligated to stick with the truth.
Least of all when it comes to making promotional statements of their shabby “Reefview Apartments and Cottages” vacation rental property in Urlings, Cades Bay, St.Mary’s Parish, St.Johns, Antigua and Barbuda

The fact that they are also lying about the “distances” of their property to major places like “Jolly Harbor (Golf Club and Marina)”, Barbuda-Ferry in St.Johns, the VC Bird International Airport and of course (most of all) when it comes stating the “Distance to the nearest Beach”, at least by now should not come as a surprise.
(All distances pretty much really are exactly twice as far as stated by those two – except for the “Distance to the Beach” which they give with “100 Meters” while it really is approx 1,000 Meters – 10 times as far)

But what sort of blew even my mind – which by now is used to read nothing but lies coming from those two – is the “final statement” they are giving in their VRBO Listing at :::…….
(You have to scroll all the way to the bottom, past the “reviews” and the (absurd) rates and terms section to find it) …. It reads:

“You can hear the waves lapping the shore from your bed and appreciate the panoramic seaviews from your outside covered patio”

OK, lets skip the part about the “…..appreciate the panoramic seaviews from your outside covered patio” (just checking our “Location”-Page, featuring actual pictures taken from their best apartment, you by now know, that this is nothing but a bold lie) leaving the first part:

“You can hear the waves lapping the shore from your bed…..”

Excuse me, but: WHAAAAAAT?

Set aside that the actual beach is some 1.000 Meters away – even if you have the best ears of the world, after sleeping in that place for 3 weeks I can absolutely assure you that the only things you will hear from your bed are:

  • Some 20 or so dogs, some of them strays, populating the neighborhood and barking 24/7
  • The constant rumble of the traffic on “Old Road” – the only road leading into that part of the Island
  • Donkeys, the screaming of the blind Parrot of Nick and Carole (and boy, this guy can make noise!), roosters (cocks) populating the neighboring properties etc….
  • The locals coming home or leaving early for work at pretty much any hour of day or night, blasting their car-stereos at full volume (Antiguans simply LOVE their car stereos and even hold competitions who’s got the loudest!) while cruising past at slow speeds (because the roads there really are just dirt-tracks)
  • Constant honking of car horns (Taxis and Busses honk whenever they see someone walking on the side of road, announcing their presence in case that person is in need of either a Taxi or a Bus) ….and every driver in Antigua always honks when he drives past someone he or she knows – and Antiguans all know each other….
  • early morning noise from the pre-school day care center which is one of their immediate neighbors as well as from the large elementary school just accross the road. (except for on Sundays)
  • and on Sundays you’ll be an ear-witness to the many masses being held in the many churches in Antigua – all of which are starting at approx 6am! (and a quite large one being just across the street)BUT
    “…..the waves lapping the shore from your bed……”
    What an incredible and bold lie!

It really is unbelievable and it really should be in the very, very, very best interest of every honest business in the hospitality industry of Antigua, of the Government and Authorities and all the wonderful and hard working people of this great island, that such bold lies, such misleading advertising, such fraudulent statements, such ripoff (not to mention the intrusions and theft from their guest’s apartments!) ARE NOT BEING TOLERATED!

Antigua is a great island – but they depend on tourism as their first and foremost source of income and national revenue and it therefor would seem imperatively important to make it very clear: Guests (Tourists) can feel safe when visiting Antigua and Crooks like Carole and Nick William, Williams, Lawrence (or however else they like to call themselves) are being shut down and brought to justice in a swift manner not leaving any room for interpretation!