The VRBO-Headline to listing #507966 (Reefview Apartments, Antigua)

For starters, let’s just have a quick look at the titel of her listing:

Fully Equipped Self Catering Apartment with Stunning Panoramic Ocean Views”
(copied from:

A perfect example of how bold the owners of Reefview Apartments start lying even in the subject line of their promotional material
Grand Ocean Views?  W.T.F?!

I may be forgiven, that I quoted Nick and Carole Williams when writing the wording for this picture, with “Grand Ocean Views” ….

As I have been mentioning in the intro, Carole Williams obviously has decided to lie even bolder than ever – because now it is: Stunning Panoramic Ocean Views” … as if by exaggerating even more, she would make the lies any more true.

Oh, and yes, she does “support” that stupid claim, by adding a picture to it. This one here…..

A fake picture being used over and over by Reefview Apartments in Antigua to promote their "stunning panoramic ocean views" ....which simply are not possible, because the property actually is approx 1000 yds from the shore!
Clearly a fake!

Well, but thats georgous!
Just a short little walkway seperating the property from the beach….
I’m surprised Carole and Nick Williams (of “Captain Nick’s Antigua Fly-Fishing”, and Co-Owner of Reefview Apartments and also “Co-Snooper” at this “Resort” *rolleye*) don’t claim that you could actually “see them Turtles swimming past in the crystal clear water….”
(Oh, that was sarcasm, b.t.w.! 🙂 )

It is so obvious that the Williams are lying every time they start to say anything about their Reefview-Apartments.
Stunning Panoramic Ocean Views??

How about a true and honest look from that very same balcony / terrace taken during January 2016, consequently very recent and not “fabricated” to lure unsuspecting travelers into staying at this “Psycho”-Motel….

YES! It is the very same terrace – simply because there is no other – and I should know, I have been staying at that place for 3 weeks!

Lies, lies, nothing but bold lies – and what really amazes me is, that as a consequence of me making their lies public, they do not “cut back”, make their position at least a little bit more plausible…. NOPE! They actually exaggerate even more!
Impressive! … don’t you think?!

And: Once again: VRBO KNOWS about this massive misrepresentation!
They were the first ones we did inform!
But, they don’t give a crying f**t, if you’d end up cheated like that……