“All the Hotels and Apartments around the world have pretty much the same terms and conditions, right?”


Well, the majority might have, at least the ones operating in a professional and decent way – but by now you must have come aware of the fact that “professional” and “decent” are not necessarily part of the vocabulary of Nick and Carole Williams of Reefview Apartments in Cades Bay, Antigua.

So, it does not hurt (quite to the contrary) to have a closer look at what they publish at their listing with VRBO:

 Fees:          Refundable Damage Deposit $400   

WHAT? I know of NO PLACE on earth that is demanding a $ 400.00 Cash Damage Deposit – least of all places anywhere near as run down as Reefview Apartments! ….. and the “refundable” part of that statement also is very doubtful. There are plenty reports even on Tripadvisor (albeit carefully hidden by all them “Homeaway-Satellites”) about Nick and Carole inventing absurd accusations and excuses to retain that “Damage Deposit”.
Just google for it or look for some of the links we have published on our site
When they hit you for that part of your stash they will do so cleverly timed of course! Just as you are about to walk off for that dreaded trip back home, when the pain of having to leave that Paradise Island behind will make the pain of being ripped off for another $ 400.00 feel neglectable.
More about the subject of the “Reefview Apartments Security Deposit Scheme” you can find here

As a little additional, actually quite interesting remark, it pays to compare the terms and conditions Reefview Apartments in Cades Bay in Antigua annonce at their AirBnB listing, because quite obviously AirBnB must have told them that $ 400.00 is “crazy and unusal” – and so it happens, that if you book a stay at Reefview Apartments with AirBnB the “Damage Deposit” is “only” $ 100.00  ….Little surprising that Tripadvisor and VRBO (all from the house of “homeaway) don’t give a flying far* about how crazy their member-terms are.
(But Carole also always makes her prices according to what she thinks she can get away with.)

(a) The price quoted includes all taxes and service charges with no hidden extras.

‘(b) complimentary’ airport meet-and-greet, with cold drinks included with rum punch cocktails on arrival:)

(c) Regular check out time is at 1030

(d) For extended check out options – contact owner.

OK, let’s see:…..
(a) I’d call charging for the desert at your “Welcome Barbeque” an extra $ 20 a “hidden extra”, I’d call charging you for a Water-Bottle of plain drinking water in your room $ 10 a “hidden extra” (especially sometimes the still half full bottle tends to disappear mysteriously, to be promptly returned – if you pay another $ 10 of course), I’d definitely call the “Damage Deposit Scheme” (see above) a “hidden extra”….. and the list goes on and on and on…..
So: Another bold lie of their ever deceiving and misleading and actually fraudulent fals self-representation!
(b) I am not commenting on that watered down “Rum Punch” Carole will shove in your face upon finally arriving – even so that “complimetary welcome drink” actually is a brilliant idea, because it sure does help to be a bit tipsy when you first see what sort of dump you ended up at…..
The “kindness” of picking you up at the airport is much less “kind” once you know that nobody really likes that racist white supremasist couple and every taxi driver of the Island will gladly try to talk you into staying at a different place or simply take you there before you notice the difference.
…and the “complimentary cold drinks”? Those I know nothing about, but when I did arrive and Nick did pick me up I actually had been rather thirsty, but Nick was “kind enough” to stop at some store so I could by myself some cold drinks…..
(c) That’s not only “check out time”, that also is “kick out time”. ….despite the fact that almost all international flights leave only in the afternoon.
(d) But of course you can ask to stay on a few more hours, and Carole will gladly give you her permission – of course only if you agree to pay an additional night! …..but even that does not neccessarily mean that you could enjoy those few extra hours, because Carole will be lamenting noisily that she had new arrivals coming in in the afternoon, and that she is totally stressed out with getting the apartment clean and ready in time…. and I really dont know what it is, but I have actually witnessed it twiced myself during my stay that the Guests(!) that had asked and paid(!) for a late check out – ended up helping Carole on their hands and knees cleaning the Apartment!
…in some awkward way Carole really is a genious when it comes to abuse other peoples decency and friendlynes…..

For ALL ReefView Terms and Conditions – please refer to our website
– and click “Terms and Conditions”

The only downside being that their website has not been working for at least as many weeks as I have been knowing them (constant bitching about their “useless webdesigner” included, because after all they have give her 1 week free stay at the Reefview Apartments and she just doesn’t get the Website ready….
(I mean, come on! Which decent Webdesigner who really knows his trade, will make an entire Hotel / Hospitality Website in exchange for a weeks accomodation with a “retail-value” of a few hundred Bucks? And that’s only “retail value”, because that Lady Webdesigner most certainly did not have her own pick of available dates, but had to settle for dates the Reefview Apartments had unsellable vacancies anyways!)

Payment accepted by wire transfer.

In ‘high season’ months a 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation with the balance to be settled no less than 6 weeks prior to arrival.

At other times 20% of your total quoted price will be taken as deposit with the remaining 80% to be paid 6 weeks prior to arrival.

Once again: SERIOUSLY?
I mean, I did book my accomodation on such short notice, that when Carole asked me if I could wiretransfer her “some money” up front, I did not think much of it because I had to tell her anyway that I most likely would have arrived in person ahead of any money I would transfer. And that was that.
But I would never ever (!) consider staying at place I knew nothing about except what they are saying about themselves in their promotional material (which we all have learned to accept to be usually a bit “overenthusiastic” … albeit never such bold lies as it had turned out that Reefview is using) and sending them “sight unseen” ALL the money for the ENTIRE STAY “the latest 6 weeks PRIOR to arrival”!
Usually a reservation in any hospitality business around the world is being secured by Credit Card.
This way the Hotel has some security (usually the equivalent of 1 night stay) and the traveler also has the security that if the Hotel decided to “help themselves to a nice chunk of our wallets, there still would be the option of a protest to the Credit Card company – and those don’t like if their services are being abused. But the Hotels know, that such a violation could cost them their Card-Contract and that usually is incentive enough not to have any “stupid ideas”……
But the System Carole Williams is applying of course is fabulous! It’s as bold as she herself is old and the only question remains: WHY ON EARTH would anyone agree to such terms???

And what happens to anyone who actually has the “audacity” to question the desires of Carole and has the further audacity to actually cross-check with the Antigua Board of Tourism (who, as it turned out, don’t even know of that little operation Carole got going there) and then had the final and extreme audacity to ask for some references (which Carole obviously was not able to provide – despite all these “people” who wrote all these “glowing reports” about their (albeit only alleged) stay at the Reefview Apartments) you can easy enough read up on here:
A very authentic report / review of Reefview Apartments, Cades Bay, St,Mary Parish, Antigua published back in the days when Tripadvisor and VRBO had not yet decided to suppress any and all negative reports and reviews, still living up their promise to communicate FACTS.