Reefview Apartments Antigua – Keyword Lies:

The very last thing one could say about Carole and Nick Williams would be, that they are shy about the lies or deliberate and fraudulent misrepresentation of their:
“Reefview Apartments and Cottages” in Cades Bay, Antigua.

….same does hold true about Tripadvisor and VRBO and Flipkey and, and, and…. all of the further some 16+ Plattforms and Fronts the corporate head of all these smelly fishes – Homeaway Inc. – entertains to hold the traveling community hostage, because this mafia-like operations is in the FULL KNOW of the situation at Reefview Apartments but have decided to deliberatly keep YOU in the dark!

Nick and Carol Williams in my opinion simply are crooks.
An opinion that is supported by iron clad proof that I have collected and made publically available at
But it also is a concept very well known and established in all civilized societies, that if you just have knowledge of crimes being committed you do have a legal OBLIGATION! to step in and do what ever you can to stop any such crimes from being continued – or else you will be considered an “Accessory to the actual CRIME!”
Homeaway Inc and/or their very own Tripadvisor and VRBO respectively has not only been informed of the Crimes, the devious misrepresentation, the lies, etc. relating to the Reefview Apartments, but they actually have been provided with IRON CLAD PROOF of these claims to be valid and true.

And yet…… they not only actively suppressed and withheld that information from the traveling community they claim to be catering to, they actually have started to go through greater length with trying to make us “disappear” alltogether…
Go figure.

As far as Reefview Apartments an the truly bold, Bold, BOLD! lies, they are not being stopped from publishing i.e. at their VRBO listing, is concerned, lets have a further look together at some of their claims they are making in their “Keyword-Introduction” in one of their VRBO listings….
(I am still reffering to their listing at VRBO with the number: 507966)

    • Size of their top-floor apartment: 600 sq.ft.
      I admit I did not measure it, but I have been in the Real Estate Industry for quite a while and should be able to rather accurately guess the size of a place. I’d say the actual apartment is about 30 to max 35m² (= ~ 320 to 380 sq.ft) plus the terrace amountig to another some 7m² (= 75 sq.ft)
      So when being “generous” that apartment affords max/max 450 sq.ft – which is way less than the “600 sq.ft” the claim it to have.
      misleading and deceiving …. the name of the game to Nick and Carol!
    • Onsite Services: “Concierge” & “Massage”
      Maybe there is an “official international definition” when a business in the hospitality industry is permitted to claim that it offers “Concierge Service”…. but I’d say that common sense would expect a “concierge desk” to be staffed at least during normal working hours?
      Well, the only person to offer “concierge services” at Reefview Apartments is Carole herself. But she is gone at least half the time every day, “soooo busy” with – aehm, nope, not the well-being of her guests, but with: running to her yoga classes, dancing classes, shadow boxing classes etc…. and what she thinks to be “concierge service” is to immediately bore you to death when she has the first chance to get a hold of you and tell you in great length all of the “exciting things” she has done during these “classes”.
      The second part of the “concierge services” offered by Carole Williams at her Reefview Apartments in Antigua is, that once she has told you the same stories about her classes (see above) at least 3-4 times (God! When does this woman ever breathe?) she will immediately turn to hawking some “tours” or “excursions” to you, which are the more “lovely” the more they just so happen to be offered by herself or her little-to-no-use-spineless-husband Nick.
      There really are only two options you have to getting rid of her:
      (a) you just agree to booking one of these tours – which will make her turn and get incredibly bussy “making the necessary arrangements for you…” (and making sure that she will be awarded the commission if you were hard headed enough not to buy one of the tours they themselves are offering (see more about that later – and/or at: Reefview Apartments Rip Off Schemes ) or
      (b) you decided for the actual quite clever way out by simply turning around and walking away from her constant babbling garnished with the also constant “you know?” and “you know what I mean?” (don’t worry, she doesn’t want an answer to these rethorical questions anyways – but I can assure you it DOES tend to fall on your nerves.)
      This really is the best way to shut Carole up, because there simply is no polite way to make her leave you alone without “buying” anything from her.
      …but then again: By turning around and walking away, you also have to leave the property – and that again is just as well as far as Carole is concerned, because that does make your apartment available to her snooping and prying on your very personal belongings….
      “Concierge”? My Ass! It’s evil hawking when and where SHE wants.
      “Massage”? Of course you can arrange for an in-house massage! Even at Reefview Apartments. Simply because I would hardly know of any place in the “civilized world” where you could not have a massage-therapist to come to your room.
      But if you care for a massage, I can assure you, that Carol will make sure that it is being arranged for by her “concierge services” so that she will make her commission out of it….
      Actually it’s pathetic. The greed of this woman really is pathetic.
      (Which is ok, if neither I nor you are being the victims of this greed)
    • Bedroom 1 and Bedroom 2
      Where did that come from? That’s a one bedroom apartment – so where does she suddenly let the second bedroom appear from?
      ….oh, I see, she did put it in ” “, because she means that filthy, smelling couch in the living room/kitchen. Oh, ok, sure…. *rolleye*
    • “Ceiling Vans, “cool and airy” as well the (completely fals) claim of offering “egyptian cotton” bedding I already have explained on the previous page. No point in getting into this again. The claim however that
    • this room is “a haven within a haven”
      actually does make my stomach churn again. Of course everything in life is “relative” – so I guess, if you are used to be living at home in an homeless shelter, that claim of Carol’s could be considered true. But another “cute one” is up next:
    • “…bla, bla, bla, bedside table with reading light” (WTH?!)
      Because that actually is true! Read carefully! Carole is talking about ONE “bedside table with ONE reading light” – for a room dedicated to be occupied by TWO people! Well, but I guess that does not matter, because with most couples it always is only one of them who likes to read prior to turning over, and only one might need some hankies or meds available on their “bedside table”. Right?
      Funny thing: Sometimes Carole even admits how mediocre (at best) her place is, but she is really good at covering this fact up and hiding it within sentences that really do sound “innocent”. 🙂

      Next: listed under “Other Amenities” (!)

    •  An optional ‘welcome barbecue’ dinner is available on your arrival evening – served on the deck in our tropical palm garden.
      Wow! A “welcome barbecue” that you will not only be charged for as if you had dined in a 5*-Restaurant, and which really also is not much of a barbecue, considering it (always!) consist of the same boring bits of chicken-breast, grilled by Nick in the oven of the kitchen and served with some overcooked veggies and a piece of corn-on-the-cob and something resembling a “baked potatoe”.
      The desert that you will also be served without asking (also always) consists of a piece of “Key Lime Pie” bought in the supermarket at US $ 2.95 (for the whole thing) and charged to you seperately at US $ 30.00 (!) – per slice! – in addition to what she bills you for the “welcome barbecue” in the first place.
      And, yes, you won’t be asked if you wanted that “welcome barbecue” – it simply will be served, you will be nicely asked to “join them”, you will be left under the impression that this was an “invitation” (but of course: With Carole Williams NOTHING is “for free or because it would be “kind” and/or “nice thing to do”) -PLUS- (of course) it’ll also subject you to the first round of her hawking her tours and excursions and special offers…. you know? You know what I mean?
      served on the deck in our tropical palm garden.
      This really is “un-be-fu**g-lievable”!
      The “deck” is a totally clustered space below the terrace of her private residence. Its hot and sticky down there and your eye will meet the mess Carole, the self confessed “horder”, piles up simply everywhere, wherever you look. And “palm garden”?? WTH? The “deck” is underneath(!) an other deck, where do you think there possibly could be any “palms”, yet alone a “palm garden”?
      But you know what?
      I actually am currently working on finishing a video I made of the property and simply will go and extract a piece concerning this “deck in their tropical palm garden” – so just check our chanells on Vimeo or on Youtube or the Video-page of our main website to see that “deck in their tropical palm garden” with your own eyes.
      As always I am not asking you to take my word for it…. 😉
      But, – as I have just learned – Nick Williams actually has the audacity to complain to youtube about me publishing the videos that are EVIDENCE TO THE CRIMES COMMITTED BY NICK AND CAROLE WILLIAMS OF REEFVIEW APARTMENTS AGAINST THEIR GUESTS and which are subject to criminal investigations AGAINST that couple!
      Wow, but, hey, well, it’s not exactly unheard of, that this couple is no stranger to being bold! 😀


    • With full island orientation the following morning should you wish it.
      “should you wish it” (?) This one really did make me lough! Because trust me, you will GET this “full island orientation” – no matter if you like/want/wish it or not!
      Of course Carole’s definition of “full island orientation” translates into the hawking I already told you about above… and it’s not reduced to “the following morning” either! You will get that every single day from the moment she first catches a glimpse of you until 10:45am – which happens to be the time she leaves for her first class of the day (the “Yoga class”)
    • As for “Theme” they are listing among other stuff:
      Adventure … yup! IF you think it to be adventerous that you’ll never know what will be missing, what Nick and/or Carole will have shoved their noses into while you were gone…..
      Away From It All ….yup! Especially if you’d be defining “all” as the beach and the ocean! Other than that Reefview Apartments may not be located at the “end of the world” but I think you can already see it from there 🙂
      Historic ….. uhmm… what? I sure hope that don’t mean that there run down, neglected, messy property filled with Dog-poop and Cat-pi** already qualifies as “historic”?
    • And under “Attractions” they are listing:
      Churches …..yup, true, plenty of those (especially Sunday mornings starting their service and (actually very beautiful) singing at 6:00 am)
      Health/Beauty Spa …. uhmmm… what? where? how? (*rolleye*)
      Marina….. well, yeah, there is small highly unattractive harbour catering to the local fishermen harvesting mainly Conch off the very reef Nick and Carole never tire praising for their “Snorkeling Tours” but it really has NOTHING in common with what usually comes to mind when someone says “Marina”!
      Restaurants…. there are some local and “very Caribbean” eateries nearby, where Carole does like to take their guests to – while actually rather shamelessly complaining to the owners, right in front of these very guests, that she thinks to be entitled to free meals in view of the fact how many tourists she is bringing them!
      (And since Carol is so bussy running to her various “classes”, and hawking tours & excursions to her guests, she obviously not only has no time keeping the property clean, removing the ever present Dog Poop but of course also has no time cooking – so Nick and Carole actually go out to dine elsewhere every night.)
      Of course always trying to tow her guests along, because, after all: If she doesn’t get free meals from the simple but very nice and decent owners of these eateries – SOMEONE has to pick up that tab?!
      Ruins …. uhmm… Well, if they are talking about their own “Reefview Apartments and Cottages” one could be inclined to agree.
      But other than that?
      Sure there are some sites of historic significance … but “on the Island of Antigua” – and no where near this dump!
    • For “Local Services & Businesses” they are listing:
          Fitness Center
          Massage Therapist
          Medical Services
      It is a “Yes” to “all of the above” – BUT: In St.John’s! The Island’s Capital, at pretty much exactly the opposite end of Antigua!
      (And one extremely overpriced Supermarket targeting only tourists in Jolly Harbour – half the distance to St.John’s, but also no where “near” the Reefview Apartments!)
      Come on! Really! This simply is nothing but misleading and deceiving false and fraudulent advertising – and nothing else!
    • And what do they have to say about “Location Type”?
      Ocean View:
          Approx 2 minutes walk from sandy sea shore bordering coastal 
          flats and affording breathtaking views of Montserrat as well as
          Guadeloupe and Redonda
      So, so…. ” 2 minutes walk from sandy sea shore”….?
      Well (a) I would like to see anyone covering that distance within “2 minutes” – if “walking” and not “sprinting”, VERY fast sprinting that is – because I actually doubt that one could cover that distance within “2 minutes” if driving by car….. and
      (b) please remember that statement (“2 minutes walk from….” to compare it with another (totally absurd!) claim Carole is making in a short while in an other part of that VRBO-Listing…..
    • But what an impressive list for: Sports & Adventure Activities
      Deepsea Fishing ……………….what a coincidence! This is being offered by Carole and Nick themselves – at an extra charge of course and who cares that the boat is hardly seaworthy, Nick only calls himself “Captain” but does not hold the corresponding certificate, the boat does not carry any emergency or rescuing equipment and – just like with all things with Nick and Carole: Does not carry any insurance.
      Fishing……………….what a coincidence! This is being offered by Carole and Nick themselves – at an extra charge of course.
      Also: No insurance.
      Fly Fishing ……………….what a coincidence! This is being offered by Carole and Nick themselves – at an extra charge of course and on floating plastic “pool chairs” for clients to paddle around with flippers in their feet at a rate of up to US $ 350.00 (!) per Person (!) for half a day(!)
      Who cares that Nick and Carole don’t carry any insurance (nor license) for this business either.
      Jet Skiing……………….yes, being offered in JOLLY HARBOR! So what exactly does Nick and Carol Williams or their Reefview Apartments in Cades Bay have to do with that? There are many fun things one can do on Antigua – so they might as well list all of that, as if they had any doing with these operations (other than collecting commissions for every guest they are sending there)?
      Kayaking……………….thats actually a pretty “cool one”! 🙂 I wont say anything about this, but rather let you read a review from a fellow traveler that was posted prior to Tripadvisor assuming the policy not to publish ANY negative reviews anymore. (Look here)
      Sailing……………….what a coincidence! This is being offered by Carole and Nick themselves – at an extra charge of course and a  boat that not even I managed to fix -mainly because Nick and Carole simply were too stingy to provide decent tools and to buy appropriate spares and other parts needed. It can be called hands down a WRECK! Don’t ever think of going! This thing of theirs really IS DANGEROUS! …plus, of course, Nick only calls himself “Captain” but does not hold the corresponding certificate, the boat does not carry any emergency or rescuing equipment (hardly surprising! That stuff does cost money AND needs regular maintenance!) and – just like with all things with Nick and Carole: That “thing” of theirs does not carry any insurance.
      Scuba Diving Or Snorkeling……………….what a coincidence! This is being offered by Carole and Nick themselves – at an extra charge
      But again I’ll let someone else speak about their experience with the Snorkeling Trips organised and offered by the Reefview-Apartment Ravens. See the report I am talking about here
      For your convenience let me copy the relevant part from that review for you:
      “• Snorkelling trip pricey at $85.00 per hour with a three hour minimum

      • Saw a lot of marine life which was awesome but the snorkeling was a bit too aggressive and therefore not a relaxing experience”

      Do you still think it’s a good idea to book a snorkeling trip with the “odd couple”? (You can go full scale scuba diving in Antigua, with a licenced and insured business, for less than $ 85.00 per hour!)

      I am just going to add: They again don’t carry neither a licence for this business nor any insurance.
      Snorkeling………………………………….same as above, just repeated to sound like more….
      Snorkeling/Diving………………………..same as above, just repeated to sound like more….
      Sound/Bay Fishing……………………….same as above, just repeated to sound like more….
      Surf Fishing………………………………..same as above, just repeated to sound like more….
      Swimming…… hardly! The first reef, the one close to shore consists basically only of dead coral-head and is so shallow that the only thing you can NOT DO there is “swimming”. And by the time you have waded out far enough to find some water deep enough to actually swim in, you are finding yourself in the middle of a rather narrow chanell bordered to seawards by the “actual Cades reef” – and that channel has a lot of “fast boat traffic” …. so I really would not suggest to anyone to go and swim in there,….
      Tennis………… I am sure that is being offered SOMEWHERE on the Island, by SOMEONE …. but why are Nick and Carole listing it with THEIR property? Just creates the impression as if you could play Tennis at Reefview Apartments (or at least really “near by”) which most certainly is not the case.
      But I guess that by now you have started to understand that this type of deception and tricking and lying and misrepresentation is a fixed element of how they are presenting themselves.
      Water Skiing……………….what a coincidence! This is being offered by Carole and Nick themselves – at an extra charge of course and who cares that the boat is hardly seaworthy, Nick only calls himself “Captain” but does not hold the corresponding certificate, the boat does not carry any emergency or rescuing equipment and – just like with all things with Nick and Carole: Does not carry any insurance….. but we have been through all of that before….

    • Let’s look what they are listing under  “General”
      Air Conditioning: air conditioning is available on request
      In other words: They enter your room while you are gone to snoop around a bit, see if there is anything they could steal and you wont notice and “switch of the ceiling fans”… then, when you get back in and its sticky and hot and humid in your room, you “may feel free” to pay them extra for the use of the Aircon…
      Internet: complimentary wifi available on the property.
      True, it is … and hardly ever works. (I ended up buying my own prepaid Digicel Internet-SIM, but had been lucky enough because I did bring my own unlocked WiFi modem to be able to use it.
      Linens Provided
      … I am not going to comment on that issue again. But even if you stay there for 3 weeks like I did, you actually have to go and ask every time for multiple times if you want fresh bedding.
      Parking: Parking is outside the property along the road
      After driving down a dirt road, you “may park” on the property of someone else, also in deep dirt and grass – unless the owners of said property shows up and chases you away. The property of the Reefview Apartments on the other hand is so OVER-CONSTRUCTED that you most certainly can’t park there.
      Towels Provided: including fluffy beach towels
      Come on! They can’t be fluffy! They are being dried on lines stretched behind the Kitchen-Building and even I know that the only way to get Towels “fluffy” is by drying them in a Dryer. But a Dryer needs electricity and electricity does cost money (Carol’s Money!) and that of course is a “no-go” with that super-stingy couple.
          Washing Machine: Laundry facilities are available on request
      “available on request” with Carole always means, that you have to pay extra for it. Since you don’t have a choice but to ask her, she thinks she can charge whatever she wants. So, either bring enough stuff to change – or go and buy new things in St.John’s. In either case it will be cheaper for you than to have your laundry done by Carole’s “maid”… (Because she herself obviously does not have time to perform such low services!)
    • Some of the goodies taken from: “Outside”
      ReefView has an in-house speedboat – an 18ft Boston Whaler   
          called Little Mermaid – ready to whisk you off snorkeling on
          Cades Reef or explore Antigua’s indented coastline steeped in his 
      What a “surprising” coincidence! 😀 … see above for my comment on that “thing”…..
      Kayak / Canoe:
      ReefView has 2 person kayaks available through prior request
      Pieces of junk really – and once again I’d like to direct your attention to the review of another guest of this “wonderful and splendid offer of Reefview Apartments!
      Lawn / Garden:
          The ReefView garden is a tropical oasis – loaded with many different
      tropical palm trees and exotic flowering plants.

      Quite honestly? It really beats me why they are repeating this lie over and over again! I mean, of course, it’s the tropics! Stuff (even of the flowering kind) is growing pretty much everywhere. But the property simply is too small, they have used up every available square inch to errect some of their constructions, so there simply is no SPACE for anything remotely similar to this constant promotional LIE!
      Water Sports Gear:
          Snorkeling gear available for rent Guided FLY fishing available
      Actually this is a great example on how this Carole and her Nick really tick. I mean, come on! To offer Snorkeling Gear that costs close to nothing to buy in the first place “for rent”? How cheap can you possible get?
      While staying there I half expected Carole to one day shoot around a corner to confront me with a list in her hand, which she’d read off how many times I had inhaled her precious air and charge me $ XY for each of them.

That is what Nick and Carole Williams of the Reefview Apartments are all about.
(And again: Tripadvisor / VRBO ARE aware of these gross fraudulent misrepresentations. I after all have pictures AND video footage to prove all of it. But they dont care, they just don’t care…. and they wont publish any warning for the decent travelers they pretend to cater for, because they might loose a Penny or two in profits.
Lowlifes, the lot of them – hardly surprising they issue “Certificates of Excellence” to the Reefview Apartments and Cottages in Antigua – despite that must know, that most of the “glowing reviews” for this place have been written by one and the same person…..)