Breathtaking lies delivered to you, by VRBO:

Carole Williams is the owner of Reefview Apartments and Cottages in Cades Bay, St.Mary's Parish, Antigua - and she is a crook and a thief - and I ca say both, because I can prove it with most solid evidence: Surveillance Cam Footage that caught her in the act...
Not bad for an old woman – not good enough anymore to get away with crimes by just batting her eyelashes….

Some people just don’t know when it’s time to tuck their tail between their legs and just shut up for a while and at least hope that the storm will blow over without smashing them to pieces….. well, one thing’s for certain: Carole Williams at her Reefview Apartments in Cades Bay, Antigua most certainly is not one of them.
But then again, Carole is one of those poor souls, who had been extremely pretty when she was young. Everything was possible, she would always get off with a smile and some cute little babbling…. but these days are over. She now is an old woman, no more babbling and/or batting of eye-lashes to get her off the hook….
So? How does one that never had the brains, because she always had the looks, react to getting caught “red-handed” with all her “promotional lies” about Reefview Apartments, and worse yet: She got caught on video, violating her guests privacy, prying on their personal stuff and: actually stealing from them!

Does she shut up? Try to lay low? Hope for the storm to blow over?
I was sure this one would be stupid enough to try “shooting it out” with me 🙂
…at least in that respect she did not disappoint me.

So, her newest creation is an update of the information she published on one of her VRBO listings – blowing her already bold lies thru every roof possible and getting VRBO even deeper into trouble, – because they long since KNOW about the actual facts – and now someone eventually will hold them liable for withholding the facts that we have made available to them.
Willfully, intentionally and with the clear knowledge that by acting like that, they actually are putting unsuspecting travelers right into harms way!

So check out the drop-down menu above to go thru each part together with me and my comments with it.
Hope you are having as much fun with this bold and stupid fool and crook as I am starting to have with her…..

Oh and for a full documentation of the situation and the facts concerning her “Apartments”, simply go and check out our main site: