Tripadvisor & Co are victimizing all of us travelers!

Actually I did set out to stop ONE “Vacation Property” from continuing what I found – and documented in detail(!) – to be going on there in terms of criminal actions.

I am talking about Reefview Apartments & Cottages in Cades Bay, Antigua and Barbuda, operated by two rather shady characters by the name of Nick and Carole (Kalipso Karoll) Williams

Part of my little mission I thought I owed to my fellow travelers around the world obviously was to inform platforms spreading nothing but praise for this place.
Tripadvisor and VRBO being one of them…..

It totally did take me by surprise to find, that:
(a) Tripadvisor, VRBO and most other websites and platforms you do get as results when searching for this place on i.e. Google ARE ALL actually ONE COMPANY! but they make it LOOK LIKE you would be getting a whole lot of different opinions – which (surprise, surprise) all had nothing but praise for that dump.
(b) Tripadvisor, VRBO, Travelpod, LonelyPlanet, HomeAway (and another some 16 more!) etc… ALL not only suppressed the information made available to them and my fellow travelers but had the audacity to claim that my information was of “no relevance to the property in question”.
Pretty breath-taking, isn’t it?
i.e. Just check out the information I have compiled about the lies the owners of Reefview Apartments Antigua are telling about their location by clicking this link (Reefview-Apartments-Antigua-Location) and then decide for yourself if that information would not be VERY RELEVANT for you deciding if or if not you’d want to go and stay there?

And I am not yet even talking about the video-footage I have captured with covert surveillance cameras I had in operation during my stay at the Antigua Reefview Apartments for the simple reason that it has become necessary to protect oneself by all possible means when traveling nowadays.
Video-Footage proving intrusion, violation of guest privacy and theft!
…..”not relevant to fellow travelers”? Really, Tripadvisor? W.T.F.?

So, anyway, it became clear that I had to extend my “crusade” against Tripadvisor, Homeway, VRBO and whatever other facades they are using and abusing to hold the Travel- & Vacation Industry HOSTAGE!

….and I have never been known to be scared by big adversaries, have won the one or other battle against such giants in my life – and I will also win this one.
So, step 1 being: To make this site and this information available to the public……

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